Workshops cancelled

Yes, I had to cancel the workshops. No, not because of the situation around ebola. That has not arrived in Adi. But malaria is another disease that reaches out its grabbing arms to all and this time it got me. Friday I woke up after a unrestful night, with lots of crazy dreams, and I had a fever. My blood smear was positive for malaria and I started with medication. That day I really felt terrible and I decided to spend the night at the neighbour’s place. Also because of the medication being intravenous. Saturday I already felt better, though very tired. So, together with Ayila (my co-facilitator), we decided to cancel both workshops. The one in Koboko cannot be organised easily again, as that depends on the meetings of the Uganda church leadership of CECA. However, the other one for the school chaplains in Aru, will probably be near the end of this month.

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