Pray for our Bethsaida project

Bethsaida is our project that assists orphans to go to school. This year we have 28 students we support, both in primary and secondary school. One of the students, Heritier, who is in first year of secondary for the second year because he didn’t do well, was followed more this year and while he didn’t do well in the first semester, after having talked with him, his teachers and his uncle, he is on the way up.

Talking with Heritier and his uncle

However, another boy, who is in fifth year of secondary and was doing well, quit school in May and we are trying to pursue him to talk with him and with his grandfather. A meeting set up for this morning didn’t take place as the grandfather didn’t come.

Please pray for these two boys and their families. The other children, who are doing well, would appreciate your prayers also.

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