Odds and ends in Kampala

Wow, I’ve been here already for 2 weeks and still waiting for the approval of my multiple entry visa. I had to go to Interpol twice for my certificate of good behavior, and I can confess that i have received that paper. My visa application has been enered with immigration but can take again at leat this week.

I like to be back in Adi at the latest next Monday, November 10, as that will give me at least one day to get even a bit organized before CECA delegates arrive in Adi. Their Executive Meetings will start November 13 while General Assembly will start November 17.

These two weeks I have been thinking about how CECA (the church with which I am involved) can be move involved in the AIDS Awareness Program. When I heard last week that the Medical Department had its meetings, I sent it there so they can at least go over it. It is one of the things I like to discuss with the CECA leaders when they are in Adi.

The two short termers who are coming to Adi are preparing their arrival. For Laura it is pretty soon. She will arrive in Kampala the middle of this month. Last week we heard that she was still short of funding, and we prayed for her during office prayer time, which is every day before lunch. Two days later we heard that she had been given promises for the total of the amount that she needs to come out. Praise the Lord. Caroline is doing tropical medicine at the moment.

AIM US has contacts with three more people who are interested in DR Congo. Yeah! However, with the change in policy of AIM to focus more on unreached people groups and training and discipling church leaders, it will be more difficult to find placements for them, but we still are thinking about Adi as a possiblity. Thus their arrival is not at all sure. I have been looking at a strategy paper though for one of them (who would be a great asset to help us with administration and finances).

I also am enjoying fellowship with friends. This time I’m not staying at the Inn, that is Matoke Inn, but with a friend of old Oicha times. Regularly on the news we hear horrible reports about that area about attocities happening, people getting killed and fleeing to safer places. Please pray for the people in Eringeti, Oicha, Beni and surrounding areas. Thanks.

Yesterday Laura and I visited one of the staff working at Matoke. His wife gave birth two weeks ago (tomorrow) and we went to see the baby and her mother. It was a very nice visit.

Godfrey and Anna are the proud parents of Hope Patricia

Godfrey and Anna are the proud parents of Hope Patricia

Mother and daughter

Mother and daughter

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