Interview about Bethsaida, orphan project


Anyadru Iyete Esther

Esther, one of the children we support with our Bethsaida project gave a brief interview in December 2021, about the help she gets in paying her school fees, ( We need more money to be able to continue supporting children who are orphaned because of having lost their parents because of HIV.

Interview with Esther Anyadru about Bethsaida

We are looking for donors who will be willing to support one of the children we are supporting through the project of Bethsaida. It helps them to prepare for the future. One of the children we helped the last two years of her secondary school time is studying now to be a nurse. A boy who was in primary school when we started to support him, at age 18, was limited to continue at school because of covid in 2020. He wanted to do car mechanics, but first wanted to learn more french. However, a garage in Ingbokolo was willing to take him in as aid, but quickly saw that the boy was very interested in learning. He graduated in 2022 and works now as an aid-mechanic in Durba.

Bondela with his certificate that he came to show me.
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