Directors meetings

These directors meetings started last year. As I am approaching retirement, I need people around me who can take over from me here when I will return to The Netherlands, but I surely will continue to keep in contact and monitor activities from there. The meetings are held with three others. They are Ayila Bay, who is the nurse in charge of the treatment program of people living with HIV that is established since 2014 at the general hospital in Adi. The second person is Margaret Badaru Abiria, a nurse working in the health center in Adi. She is also responsible of the HIV testing at the ante-natal clinics at the hospital on Thursday mornings. And she can talk out of her experience with HIV. The third is Emmanuel Anyole Idroru, a young pastor who is working as an assistant in the church section of Adi.

Or should I say was. Recently he shared the news that he will have to move to Bunia, where he will take up a new job as secretary in the head office of the CECA church community. He will be missed in the directors meetings and in the board, sorely missed. He will leave a huge gap. However, that said, there is an advantage as well. As he will be close to the leadership of CECA he can and will be our mouthpiece and speaking in favour of the AIDS program with them. For now though, sadness is in my heart, as he is moving with his family. His wife and children are dear to me as well.

Please pray for Emmanuel and his family when they prepare to leave Adi and move to Bunia. Pray that they will settle in well and for the children to thrive in their new surroundings.

Pray for the AIDS Awareness Program as well to be able to continue to develop the program here in Adi.

Left Ayila Bay, right Emmanuel Anyole during a directors meeting.
Directors meeting
Emmanuel, Margaret and I during a directors meeting.
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