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Yes, today I kept a Dutch custom. I baked ‘oliebollen’ and they are delicious. My workers and a friend took a lot of interest in the end result.


Although a bit late, I want to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas and Gods blessings for 2013. My Christmas went well. I started the day with a very early church service on Adi Rock, a nice breakfast and then a church service (in church) followed by a meal together with all members of […]

Joy and sadness

Yesterday was a busy day. The nursing school had twelve students this year that passed their final exams in September and graduation day was yesterday. I was invited and it was a great joy to see these twelve new nurses (male and female) enjoy the happenings. Before the meal however, I heard sad news. One […]


Yesterday evening shooting erupted in Ingbokolo (about 3 km from Adi) with four people dead. Many people have fled Ingbokolo. We don’t know what happened to trigger it or what will happen. Please pray for peace to return.

Bunia: unrest, Centenary of CECA 20 and General Assembly

Wow. I am glad to be back in Adi after having been in Bunia for almost two weeks. I left Adi November 19 with the delegation of the Adi Church District for the General Assembly and we arrived in Bunia very early Wednesday morning (2am) in Bunia. It was only that morning that we heard […]

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