More Theological Perspectives on AIDS

The week of 28 May till June 1 was packed with information about the theological basis of our work in AIDS ministry. Grace is all important. God showed grace to us when He sent his Son Jesus Christ to die for us on the cross. Out of his love He accepted us before we even knew Him. And it is in this grace that we can reach out to people living with HIV and AIDS. If God accepts us, He accepts them as well.

However, it was not only theory lessons we followed.

One of the students of Moffat Bible College with one of the participants of the Conference.

We went to Kijabe’s Moffat Bible College and talked with students about how they passed on to pupils in primary schools what they had learned, using the Adventure Illimited program.

In the afternoon we visited one primary school and attended a lesson about ‘SEX’, given to grade 6, 7 and 8. With three others from the conference group I attended the lesson in one of the grade 8 classes, given by Ruth and Festus. And it was a very lively lesson that I enjoyed listening to.

Arrival at the primary school.
Talking about sex and the reproductive organs.
The pupils were attentive listeners.
And in the back also the participants of the conference were rapt listeners.

Around noon we visited with leaders of support groups, groups that are a meeting place for people infected or affected by AIDS where they can encourage one another. We listened to a presentation of four regional group leaders about their activities and challenges.

One support group leader sharing their activities and challenges.

One of the challenges met was the discrimination and stigma people living with AIDS still face. The church, although involved, can be more so.

And that’s what we talked about as well. About how the church can be more involved in the activities concerning AIDS. One of the speakers was Peter Okaalet, well known medical doctor and theologian. When he was speaking, all participants were listening attentively.

The participants of the conference.

It was a great week, and what I have mentioned here is just a peek through the curtain. There is much more. I like to share it all with colleagues and partners in Congo and that is exactly what they have asked me to do as well.

But before that, I need a rest because the program was very full though worthwhile and before taking the flight back to Kampala I enjoyed a strong, triple cup of Java House coffee.

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