Long time no see…

…But I am doing fine. Have been busy. Meriam van Erp (daughter of friends from Bible School) joined me in July to get to know the work in an African Hospital. We had a good time and she likes to come back. The time was very short but she could do a lot. As a student nurse/midwife she could jump into the work and especially liked the work at the maternity. She even could direct some deliveries, helped by the maternity staff. Several Babies are named after her.

At the maternity

New born Lokumu (praise) Meriam

In August I slowly sttarted with the work in the AIDS Awareness Program. Two weeks ago we had a meeting with six former animators of the program, who have been continuing more or less with program activities. They have agreed to continue voluntarily, as no money has yet come in. I still continue searching for donors. Whoever has ideas who to approach, please send me the address. I can send you concept notes, or I even can put them in an attachment here!

Also, Isaac Remo, our main actor of the Along’hase movie that we produced in 2010, and who is studying theology in Bunia, is in the area now for a short visit. If at all possible, I like to shoot another movie while he is here, and then slowly work on it to edit it. Deadline? Maybe December first – World AIDS Day 2012???

Isaac Remo as Along’hase

So…work has made a start and will continue. This afternoon, when I was at the hospital to visit Ayolo, director of nursing and also one of the actors of our movie, I met with the chief of the Kakwa collectivity who accompanied a medical officer from Koboko. He was visiting because of the Ebola outbreak in Uganda. However, I mentioned the problems of people living with AIDS in our collectivity and we came to some actions that the chief can take to see if the Koboko medical staff can come to train our people here. It will be great if something could be worked out.

In memoriam

Kokole and his mother in 2007

Last Sunday I went to a funeral. The mother of Kokole Idring’i, our church president, died on Friday August 17. Kokole, his wife Akuzo and three of their sons were there as were around 400-500 others who came from all ends of the east of Congo to attend the funeral. Kokole gave a testimony about a great mother and a faithful servant of her Savior and Lord.

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