Long time no see

I’ve just been too busy to write and let you know how and what I am doing. As my last post was in the beginning of September, announcing the visit of friends from my home church, I will start there with a brief report and many pictures.

Visit Wiebe and Heleen

Although they didn’t make it to Adi, we had a wonderful time together. First at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and in Murchison Falls National Park. And then, after my week in Adi, to Sipi Falls and Kidepo Valley National Park. Here some pictures.

Rhino’s walking away from us
From left to right: Wiebe, Nico (our guide), a guard of the Rhino Sanctuary, Heleen. Watching and taking pictures of the rhino’s
On top of the Falls in Murchison
Who is watching who? An Uganda Kob.
Waiting for the ferry and showing the whereabouts of Adi
Elephants crossing
At the Congo border: meeting with Reverend Aduwe and Dr Claude.

After this short meeting, I left to go to Adi and Wiebe and Heleen went back to Kampala. I was in meetings, wrote a report, and my cat had four babies that very week.

After a busy week, I went back to Kampala and the next day to Jinja where I met up with Wiebe and Heleen again. The next day we left first for Sipi and then to Kidepo where we had a wonderful time again. We got to know each other better.

One of the falls at Sipi
Zebra young at Kidepo
Up close
We got stuck
Even with a binoculars we couldn’t find leopards
Wiebe, a teacher, enjoyed his time with the kids in a Karamojong village

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