In the Netherlands

It is cold, raining and very windy. So, I know I have arrived. Yesterday morning the plane landed at Schiphol Airport. And I got asked when leaving if I had something to declare??? No. However, the customs guy wanted to see my suitcase. Their dog had indicated that something was in my suitcase. Coffee!!! I did take a lot of coffee from Rethy with me to give away to supporters and sell for my support or that of the AIDS Program.

umoja coffee

My parents were waiting already to pick me up. It was great to see them again!!! And to be in my home church this morning.

Now for four months home assignment. I will not have a holiday. I have to raise my own personal support plus the funding of the AIDS Awareness Program that is continuing while I am here. Each health zone has been given $200 for three months and the staff will continue the ministry. Administration will be done by the hospital people – David Apamba, administrator; Claude Idringhi, medical director of the hospital; Simon Ozimati, medical officer of Adi health zone. It is our hope that I will find financial support, and if not for the whole program, then for projects that the program is developing.


Children of the kindergarten prepared a song to sing for the movie

I also will finish the production of our movie, a sequel to the movie we produced in 2010, ‘Along’hase’. This one is called: ‘Along’hase, mpasi to esengo’ (Along’hase, suffering or joy). We follow Along’hase and his wife Iyete when she is hospitalized with malaria (and is pregnant as well) and will need to go to be tested as well for HIV. Will she also be HIV positive? The problem that I am facing is that when I want to put audio behind the video, the audio becomes mute. Why??? I will ask one of the young people of my home church here to help me with that. I am sure they will be able to help.

I will be giving talks about the work and ministry of the AIDS Program in my home church and beyond. So when you read this and are interested to hear more and live in The Netherlands, Belgium, or the UK … don’t hesitate to contact me.

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