In Kampala

YES! Yesterday was my flight from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport via Kigali (Rwanda) to Entebbe (in Uganda). Today I am relaxing before starting the process of obtaining a multiple entry visa for Uganda tomorrow. The visa will make it a lot easier to travel to Uganda from DRC as otherwise I will have to pay $50 for a visa (even for a day) when traveling to Uganda.

Uganda map

Uganda map

It has been a hectic last month. Many meetings with the missions committee of my home church and with my home support group. This because my support was still low, too low to return to DRC. I had to delay my flight of September 20 to October 19. And I could catch that flight because support has abundantly come in following appeals for financial support. Many thanks to the people who agreed to support me!

So, now I am looking forward to a new term in DR Congo, with the AIDS Awareness Program of CECA. Backed up by the missions committee I will be able to say that I do not want to fully work in administration anymore, although some will not be possible to avoid. Plans are that I will hand over a lot of the financial administration and reporting to others and be more involved in the training of church and community leaders about AIDS and how to approach the whole issue. I am looking forward to that part.
So, what are my plans the coming weeks? After obtaining my multiple entry visa, I will go back to Adi where I will discuss my plans with the board of the AIDS Awareness Program, the health and the hospital staff. Then in November there will be a General Assembly of CECA taking place in Adi. I want to use that occasion to discuss my plans with the church leadership and see how together we can plan the AIDS Awareness Program. Please pray with me that we will come up with a plan to forward the program so that it even can extend to other church districts.


Kampala seen from Lubowa, the part of town where I am accomodated.

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