In Bunia

Yes, something that I didn’t expect. One and a half week ago I received a phone call from the vice-president of CECA, Reverend Pilo, who invited me to Bunia for an AIDS conference that will be organized by PACANET, Pan African Christian AIDS Network. I asked for more information and received that the next day. PACANET wants to open up a discussion with the churches in Ituri who are involved in AIDS ministries. CECA 20 mentioned that they really wanted me to be their representative. So I checked possibilities to go and found an occasion (one of the sons of friends in Aru sometimes does taxi service from Aru to Bunia). But then the dates changed from 4-5 February to 10-11 February. I left to Bunia last Saturday though and want to take time this week (am expected there tomorrow) to follow the treatment program in the General Hospital in Bunia. One of the facilitators of the training last month invited me, and both we didn’t realize that it would be so soon. I’m looking forward to both events.

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