In Adi and back at work

Since May 15 I am back in Congo, and since May 18 in Adi. Adi is quiet. Rebels have left and although there is more military around, they are more disciplined than the ones who were around when I left for Kampala. The time there was relaxing, although I did work as well, and I could follow the events of April 30 (abdication of Queen Beatrix in favor of her eldest son now King Willem Alexander) in The Netherlands on the internet. Even Matoke Inn, AIM Guesthouse in Kampala turned orange that day. Guess who was the guilty one???

Kakwa County is back to normal again and I am back in full swing with work. I have written a quarterly report, following the monthly reports of the animators (if you want to have a look at it, let me know – so far I have not succeeded in putting it here; I even don’t succeed with very small, 50kb, pictures). Now I am working on the editing of a book for the section Bibleschools. Likambo had started with that, but I like to add some more topics and background.

Pray for the calm and peace to be permanent.

Pray for the editing of the book.






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