God is at work!!!

Yes, I can testify of his work here in Adi. He brings new things on my path – funding for the training of the National AIDS Program – and straigth away I’m plunged in a rollercoaster. Or so it seems to me, and probably to some others as well.

We have received the money in the Hospital Bank Account in Aru. And two of the doctors from Adi were in Aru December 24 to talk about it with the District Medical Officer and a delegate from the National AIDS Program who was on mission in Aru. They had a discussion of about three hours about some of the details. Hard work for our doctors, as the requests of the National AIDS Program were many. The DMO was on their side though and helped them to come to an understanding, in which I can find myself as well.

However, timing for the training was difficult. The National AIDS Program and the Health District are very busy the first months of 2014. The only time slot that was still open? From 4-13 January 2014. WOW!

This means that the busy weeks will continue. December was filled, and today I have arrived in Arua to go to AIM conference, that will take place in Mukono, Uganda from 28December 2013 until 01 January 2014. So tomorrow I have a long trip ahead of me. The second of January (after a meeting) I will be back in Kampala, to go back to Adi the next day via Arua where both doctors will pick me up.

So…lots of exitement about what God is doing. I’m looking forward to the next year which will be very special with the treatment of people living with HIV in Adi, the cooperation with the people at the health zone and hospital, the ministry of our AIDS Program that will get a boost of the training…

I don’t know what 2014 will be like, but I know that God is faithful and His presence will be manifested in the coming year.

Wishing you his blessings for 2014,


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