Departure delayed

Yes, I am still in the Netherlands. My financial support is still not a 100% and my home church did decide to ask me to postpone my departure back to DRC. It is set now for October 19 and I can tell that my support starts to rise. I like to go back next month because of activities planned for November and people are coming.

In November the CECA church has its General Assembly in Adi and church leaders from all over the region of CECA are coming for these meetings. I like to talk then with the church president, the medical coordinator and an AIM missionary serving in church leadership about my role in the AIDS Awareness Program. Apart from that I will attend the meetings and welcome the visitors.

Two other visitors plan to come to Adi as well. Two short term missionaries are preparing to come to Adi. Laura will come the end of November for media work. She will help film and produce a documentary about the AIDS Awareness Program. Caroline is a medical doctor and will serve at the hospital of Adi and join us in the program as well.

Please pray that I will be able to be there so that they both can come to Adi and learn to know the work on the mission field.

In the local newspaper of Zoetermeer a small article has been published today about me that might be of interest for the Dutch speakers among you. You can go to:


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