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Time out

No, it doesn’t mean time out of everything, but time out of Congo. Last Monday I left Adi for Uganda where I have been for a week and a half. AIM Central Region had its conference and it was probably the best since the start of CR. We were just north of Kampala, and the […]


Now that I succeed to arrive on my website, I notice that it has been more than two months that I was here. A lot has happened. The event that revived all the people in Adi was the wedding of the pastor leading the church section of Adi, Charles Balonge. His wife had died almost […]


Yesterday I celebrated my birthday. And although I was in a meeting of the health zone part of the day, I had a great day with lots of surprises. Breakfast was grilled cheese sandwiches with a strong cup of coffee. My cat Mapendo was hoping for a piece of bread with cheese. I attended the […]


To all readers I want to wish you a Happy New Year and all of Gods blessings bestowed on you. Ps.91:1-2

Yep, I really know that I am back in Adi

19 October I could step on the plane to Entebbe in Uganda. You made it possible for me through your voluntary gifts and promises for my support. A big thanks to all of you. I have spent three weeks in Uganda in which I have been given a multiple entry visa for Uganda. This makes […]

Odds and ends in Kampala

Wow, I’ve been here already for 2 weeks and still waiting for the approval of my multiple entry visa. I had to go to Interpol twice for my certificate of good behavior, and I can confess that i have received that paper. My visa application has been enered with immigration but can take again at […]

In Kampala

YES! Yesterday was my flight from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport via Kigali (Rwanda) to Entebbe (in Uganda). Today I am relaxing before starting the process of obtaining a multiple entry visa for Uganda tomorrow. The visa will make it a lot easier to travel to Uganda from DRC as otherwise I will have to pay $50 […]

Newsletter October available

Yes, I’m still in The Netherlands and looking forward to a warmer climate. However, financial support still need to grow a bit more, as you can read in my October newsletter.   Newsletter October2014CHART   English speakers who want to support either me or the AIDS Awareness Program can contact the AIM Finance Department in […]

Departure delayed

Yes, I am still in the Netherlands. My financial support is still not a 100% and my home church did decide to ask me to postpone my departure back to DRC. It is set now for October 19 and I can tell that my support starts to rise. I like to go back next month […]

Support Annemarie financially

You can support Annemarie, Bethsaida and/or the AIDS Awareness Program financially by clicking this link : This page is in Dutch.

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