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Active in many things – reporting and planning

The meeting with the staff of the AIDS Awareness Program went fine. Two days were spent in evaluation and two days, with the presence of the two doctors Simon and Claude, Reverend Langa (district of Adi and the local church of Adi), one volunteer from Adi and one from Leiku-Rumu. The decision for their presence […]

Action continues

Bunia I have spend two profitable weeks in Bunia. The first week I spent at the General Hospital where I saw how to manipulate a CD4 machine. This is a machine that counts the presence of the white blood cells that are destroyed by the HIV. Because one part of the machine did need to […]

In Bunia

Yes, something that I didn’t expect. One and a half week ago I received a phone call from the vice-president of CECA, Reverend Pilo, who invited me to Bunia for an AIDS conference that will be organized by PACANET, Pan African Christian AIDS Network. I asked for more information and received that the next day. […]

Training of the National AIDS Program

This year 2014 knew a flying start. January 4rd the training, long anticipated but so far unsuccessful because of lack of funding, started with three days with general information for all participants of the training. On day four groups were separated. The lab-technicians formed their own group, the pharmacists another and the psychosocial workers again […]

Happy New Year 2014

After a busy last week, I’m looking ahead to another two busy weeks. The training of the National AIDS Program will take place from Saturday the 4rd until the next week the 13th. After that the hospital in Adi will be able to begin organizing the treatment of people living with HIV as well as […]

God is at work!!!

Yes, I can testify of his work here in Adi. He brings new things on my path – funding for the training of the National AIDS Program – and straigth away I’m plunged in a rollercoaster. Or so it seems to me, and probably to some others as well. We have received the money in […]

November and December 2013

Wow, it is already near to Christmas, which will be next week to be precise. And with this contribution I wish all of my readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. A lot is happening here in Adi. Especially this week is busy with a church service for Christmas, a wedding and a graduation. […]

In Kampala – for business and rest

Saturday October 26 I left Adi to go to Arua via Aru. It was a good trip and I arrived without problems. Sunday was the long bus trip to Kampala. This time it almost took 8 and a half hours. However, I saw one elephant near the bridge at Pakwach (sorry, no photo) and baboons […]

Follow-up of ‘Channels of Hope’

Friday afternoon and Saturday morning (October 11-12) we had our staff meeting of the AIDS Awareness Program. And I planned to address some of the materials of Channels of Hope during the Friday afternoon sessions. Because of circumstances (our staff member from Adja could not find a motorbike to borrow after the one that was […]

Channels of Hope

  In the announcement of the AIDS Link Channels of Hope Facilitators’ Training I read the following: *Are you working with the vulnerable, marginalised or people affected by HIV or AIDS? *Do you want to be equiped to make a difference? *You will be challenged in your thinking, come away with changed perceptions, gain the […]

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