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Workshops cancelled

Yes, I had to cancel the workshops. No, not because of the situation around ebola. That has not arrived in Adi. But malaria is another disease that reaches out its grabbing arms to all and this time it got me. Friday I woke up after a unrestful night, with lots of crazy dreams, and I […]

Channels of Hope

A comprehensive workshop discovering how church leaders can be involved in teaching about HIV and care for those living with HIV. It is a workshop that I have followed in South Africa in 2013 when it was organised by AIDSLink. And I have developed it into a workshop of 2-3 days for DR Congo. I […]


A whole new year and a whole new start of this blog. At least, that’s what I plan to do. This blog will be about the AIDS Awareness Program and about Bethsaida. It will also mention the treatment program that is organised in the hospital of Adi, in the northeast of the Democratic Republic of […]

Training church leaders

The training is finished. It were hectic, busy days but all went well. Monday morning 16 March, was for the last preparations but not all worked out, like to have the statistics about the treatment program in the health zone of Adi. The people of the health zone were still working on their reports. Several […]

Achievements: February 2015

First of all my apologies. Due to an error in the website some information was deleted. Thus…I will write this about the whole month of February. Adi has been hot, and busy. Laura has been filming and editing for the AIDS Program. It will be a kind of documentary about the program and show how […]

Another short termer has arrived

Yesterday I again had a busy day. I went with Dr. Simon and Indani, who is the accountant at the hospital, to Arua. We had several missions, of which the biggest was to pick up Caroline. She is a medical doctor and will be working with the AIDS Program and in the hospital for about […]

Working on films

Working on films Since Laura is here we have been working on the production of a film that will document the work of the AIDS Awareness Program. When Laura came, she could jump straight in the deep end because only four days after her arrival it was World AIDS Day and she could film how […]

Yep, I really know that I am back in Adi

19 October I could step on the plane to Entebbe in Uganda. You made it possible for me through your voluntary gifts and promises for my support. A big thanks to all of you. I have spent three weeks in Uganda in which I have been given a multiple entry visa for Uganda. This makes […]

A huge challenge

Being on home assignment in the Netherlands I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I could give presentations about my ministry in DRC in several churches and also in some cell groups in my home church. But it being summer holidays as well, I couldn’t visit them all. Instead, I went sailing with friends for […]

Newsletter available

This summer was great with nice weather. However, now I am aware that the weather in Holland can change quickly and I was caught in a heavy rain/hail storm yesterday. Cold. This newsletter though is not about the weather but mainly about a missionary career of 25 years in DR Congo. Pleasant reading. Newsletter juli2014E

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