Bunia: unrest, Centenary of CECA 20 and General Assembly

Wow. I am glad to be back in Adi after having been in Bunia for almost two weeks. I left Adi November 19 with the delegation of the Adi Church District for the General Assembly and we arrived in Bunia very early Wednesday morning (2am) in Bunia. It was only that morning that we heard the news of the take-over of Goma by the rebels of the M23 and the unrest that had reigned in Bunia on Tuesday. The unrest, with a lot of shooting and looting continued again on Wednesday and we were in the middle of it. It was scary sometimes, but I must testify that God has protected us!!!

Thursday however, Bunia was back to normal and the celebrations of the Centenary started. At first I was a bit reluctant to go, but I am glad that I did because praising and worshiping God took my thoughts away from the unrest of Wednesday, away from the unrest in my heart and helped me to focus on God. And this was not only Thursday, but also Friday and Saturday.

Rev Kokole Idring’i opens the Centenary Celebrations in the Bunia Ville church on Thursday 22 November 2012.

Sunday was the big church service in the stadium of Bunia. Many thousands of people came to hear the history of CECA 20, the choirs, the sermon and also Christine Shushu, a famous Tanzanian Gospel singer. It was a great service.

A march was organized from different corners in Bunia to walk to the stadium

Sunday service in Bunia Stadium

Tuesday November 27 the General Assembly of CECA started. I was appointed to be an observer, meaning that I could be there, talk and ask questions, but that I could not participate in the voting that would take place on Thursday. That day a new church president, vice-president and regional pastors would be chosen. Together with other observers we handed out the voting slips of paper, gathered them and counted the votes.

The voting was unanimous. Reverend Kokole Idring’i Jean-Pierre has been voted in for a third term in office. His vice-president will be Reverend Pilo Guna. A new team, and I am looking forward to the next four years to see how they will work together and work to build CECA and through CECA God’s Kingdom.

Rev. Kokole Idring’i was elected for a third term as church president of CECA 20

Rev. Pilo Guna was elected as the next vice president of CECA 20

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