Our Bethsaida project

Bethsaida is our orphan project. AIDS is still rampant in Congo, and at the hospital at least 450 people living with HIV are being treated with ARV’s. But regularly we hear that one of them dies. Mostly this is because they don’t take these ARV’s every day. When they feel good, they think they don’t need them anymore and they quit the treatment.

Bethsaida helps orphans, who lost their parents because of HIV related illnesses, to go to school. We cannot help everybody, and this school year 2017-2018 we are supporting 25 children to go to school. Fifteen of them are in primary school, ten are in secondary school.

Dhata Yeka is the chairman of our board, and is also the director of the primary school in Adi. He is a man of integrity and a big help for me. Together with Bhayo Leku and Atiye Likiso he is following the children at school.

Dhata Yeka with Esther Anyadru, one of the orphans we support

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  1. Petra

    Dear Annemarie,… Keep up THE good work in His behaviour!! Came aacross. A little book from Maf aviation … And your photograph was in it:-) and I said enthousiastic oh iT is annemarie boks! Also I read a artikel from Joop schotanus telling about you in het Zoeklicht magazine!! Some time ago!! Good story about you as a missionary!!

    Ik wilde maar zeggen hiermee.. Als wij als stervelingen jou nog herinneren,…! God zal jou zeker niet vergeten, al wat gedaan wordt uit liefde tot Hem dat houdt zijn waarde en blijft immer bestaa n….

    Hartelijke groet uit Holland- belgie

    Petra lemmens – sieperda

    Email : sieperdapetra@gmail.com


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