Another short termer has arrived

Yesterday I again had a busy day. I went with Dr. Simon and Indani, who is the accountant at the hospital, to Arua. We had several missions, of which the biggest was to pick up Caroline. She is a medical doctor and will be working with the AIDS Program and in the hospital for about 6 months. Laura and I were really excited to welcome her. After having picked her up, we had to do some shopping as well. As gas tank as my gas had almost run out. Just as well I bought it yesterday as this morning it did ran out! Also some groceries and treats and a battery for the water pump in the other house that is used as printing press. Around 5.30 pm we arrived back home, and were welcomed by Laura, who was still talking with her French teacher, Onzi.
She had a good day as well. Working on the video with Beba and baking. She did a good job. The chocolate chip cookies and lemon meringue pie were delicious and we decided that she could have another go at it.

Caroline (left) and Laura ready to enjoy the lemon meringue pie.

Caroline (left) and Laura ready to enjoy the lemon meringue pie.

We are resting now and having a quiet day. Although…quiet? The girls do lots of talking to get to know each other.

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