Adi – a whirlpool

This month has been crazy with a lot of things happening. Wow. I felt and feel like I am stuck in a whirlpool, a rollercoaster.

27 June the father of Anite, my house help, died suddenly. He suffered of high blood pressure and intestinal tuberculosis and was treated for both. A pastor, he was a Barnabas for many. He was an encourager and he is sorely missed. This morning (19 July) the group of the Women of the Good News met at his place to encourage the family. And all present were encouraged, not only the family.

Rev. Araba Opu, Anite's father

Rev. Araba Opu, Anite’s father

Last week we had the graduation of the Bible Institute of Adi. The day before our church president, Reverend Kokole Idring’i, arrived and he stayed at my place. That same evening we received a text message saying that the family of one of the graduating couples was blessed with…TRIPLETS. Two small girls and a boy, 1300grams, 1500 grams and 1500 grams. But when I went to see them at the maternity after all the festivities of graduation the little boy had just passed away. The girls are still doing fine though although they are still tiny.

The two tiny girls, left Iyete (thanks), right Lokumu (praise)

The two tiny girls, left Iyete (thanks), right Lokumu (praise)

Then on Thursday the wife of our section pastor, Yuma Balonge Charles, died. A prominent woman she stood beside her husband during his ministry and was known because of her hospitality. She also will be sorely missed. The funeral was in the village on Friday.


Mama Balonge with granddaughter Sifa

This week is calmer. Though I have plenty of work answering questions that could lead to funding, at least partially, of the AIDS Awareness Program. I hope so. We have not heard an answer yet on our request for funding for the training that the National AIDS Program wants to organize in our area before Adi Hospital can start with the treatment program with ARV.

I still have a month to go before I will take a holiday (in South Africa!!!) and then attend a training (also in South Africa). Looking forward to it.

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