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South Africa

It was very, very cold the day I arrived. With the stormy wind and the rain I felt like having arrived in stormy autumn Holland. But no, the next day it was nice and sunny and I could sit in the garden of my friends to relax in the sun. And ever since we have […]

Hectic times in Adi

Since the middle of May I have been back in Adi and it have been hectic times. It was okay for me to return to DR Congo after the insecurity was high in the middle of April. After a good time in Kampala I went back and entered again through Aru where I met up […]

In Kampala

Yes, I’m in Kampala where I arrived this afternoon after a long busride (from 8am til 4pm). Relaxing now. Tomorrow I will place some recent photos of my activities and all that has happened here. And I look forward to the coming weeks.

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