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Yesterday, October 24 I went to Ingbokolo. I wanted to talk to the school inspector about the primary school in Godria, but he was not there. And yes, I went to Ingbokolo. Calm has returned and investigations are on their way to know what exactly happened during the protest march and why. However, people are returning tot heir homes and life slowly turns back to normal.

At the primary school I saw all the pupils outside. They were working hard. A new school building is under construction and it was time for the floor. The pupils all had to bring soil that will be hardened later. And when a ‘mundele’ (a white person) comes to watch, all attention goes to her in stead of to the work. For me as a white person it is then very difficult to see the children I want to see, and that were the children living at Bethsaida. I only found Arataki Neema, helped by one of the teachers. She is in second grade and was working hard. I could take pictures, although somehow posed for a bit, but it is not to be avoided when the photographer is a white lady. All the kids want to be in the picture then.

It is difficult to find that one child

Arataki (middle) with her bucket of soil

Bethsaida is doing well. There are six children who go to school. Only Likiso who helps Mama Anna and Sami who is still too small (3 years old) are not going.

Behind from left to right:
Emmanuel (grade 6), Aresa (grade 5), Likiso, Dieumerci (1e year secondary), a friend.
Front from left to right:
Ayingha (grade 4), Sami, Drumo (grade 3)

With the money given so far we could pay the school fees for the children for the whole year, buy school uniforms (white blouse, blue shorts, trousers or skirt), flipflops, note books and pens. We also could buy a stock of food like beans, rice, salt, sugar and every week we buy vegies, meat, fish and fruit.
There is a new board for Bethsaida and this board is now looking and rewriting the statutes and talking about how to organize the work at Bethsaida and what are their responsibilities. There are plans to search for an assistant for Mama Anna and the secretary will be responsible for the finances. We also want to redo some work in the home – they are living there since February 2010. We have to plan well and I will keep you informed. All the children, Mama Anna and the board give you a big thank you. God bless.


Arataki Neema

– That all the children of Bethsaida go to school and that they like it.
– For the new board.
– That it is calm again in Ingbokolo and Adi.

– That the new board will be able to plan well for the work in Bethsaida that is necessary for the children.
– That they know being called by God for this task and receive strength from Him.

After a long silence…

…I can open this website again. My connection here is pretty slow and I don’t always succeed. Things have happened in the mean time.

This year CECA 20, the church in Congo that was started by AIM, celebrates its 100-year existence. It was in 1912 that AIM missionaries entered the Congo with the Good News of Jesus Christ. In all the church districts celebration services were held earlier this year and now in all the church sections as well. The last weekend of September the church section of Adi celebrated CECA’s 100 year. Saturday morning we had a big church service (with as theme to build the future for our families, our church and our country) followed in the afternoon by a march to Ingbokolo and evangelism. Sunday the big celebration service started with the trumpets playing the ‘Halleluiah’ chorus. During the service the history of CECA in Adi was told and confirmed by a 108 year old man. In all those years God has shown Himself faithful.

In Adi preparing for the march to Ingbokolo

The trumpets playing the ‘Halleluya’ chorus

Yosse, the 108 year old

On 6 October Likambo, one of my colleagues of the AIDS Awareness Program, and I visited Godria. In 2009 we organized a week long workshop there of Participatory Integrated Community Development. Realizing their problems and their ressources the people in the community opted to have a primary school at the center of the village for the children to have easy access to school. Otherwise they had to cross a river that could be dangerous for the younger children in the rainy season.

The river in dry season

The school started in 2010 and is now a school with all six classes of primary level, with 155 children of whom 55% are girls.
Likambo and I were received by the children with a march, several skits and speeches. It was good to see everything and hear about the school. By the way, the school is called ‘Annemarie’ and of course now they expect things from me as well. However, development is not by having things done for them although I am willing to investigate how to go about the school getting recognition by the government, where books are available for the school and lobby for a clean water source closer to the school.

March in Godria of the pupils of primary school ‘Annemarie’

In the schoolyard with the parents committee

This month Adi has known security problems after 10 armed men robbed the medical director of Adi hospital at gunpoint. Two other robberies took place after that and Thursday the population of Ingbokolo (which is only 3 kilometers from Adi) took on a protest march against the police, who knew some of the culprits and had let one go free. It escalated when the police started shooting and three persons were wounded. However, Friday reinforments came and they are investigating the whole issue now. Calm is slowly returning but we need your prayers for safety. I have not felt threatened, although I mainly stayed home. God is with my and I am in his hands.