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Theological Perspectives on AIDS

This is the theme for the AIM AIDS conference taking place in Nairobi and where I am attending. Next week I’ll write more, but I just wanted to let you know that I am learning a lot.


Yes, I am in Aru at the moment after having spent a day as well in Ariwara. Both are south of Adi. In Ariwara I needed to visit the vodacom office because my Congo telephone number was blocked, and still is. No solution yet. I hope that it will be found because I like to […]

In Adi

After the flight to Kampala on Saturday and a long bus ride to Arua, in the north of Uganda, on Tuesday did I arrive safely in Adi May 10 ¬†after a long ride on a truck. This about 70 kilometers ride took 7 hours because of the bad roads. It is rainy season and the […]


After a long flight (stop in Kigali, Rwanda) I did arrive safely at Entebbe yesterday evening and am enjoying the quiet and rest at the guesthouse of AIM in Kampala now.

Departure for Uganda

Tomorrow I will leave for Uganda! Yeah. Back to my ministry. Although the first two months I will be on the way a lot. Two conferences (an AIDS conference in Nairobi, Kenya the end of this month and the AIM Central Region conference in Uganda in June). Will stay in Uganda afterwards for a short […]

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